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Brokerage Services

All Of Your Freight Services & Freight Brokerage Needs In One Place

As freight brokers, we act as an intermediary between freight shippers and carriers.  We have invested in industry specific IT solutions allowing our clients access to a freight Transportation Management System (TMS) with cellular Track and Trace solutions, EDI, imaging, load tendering, freight advances and paperless invoicing options. And, we have an extensive database of qualified and trusted carriers both large and small.   We are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Our Brokers Handle Your Freight So You Can Handle Your Business

Our freight brokers understand that trust between brokers, shippers and carriers is built on a solid history of proven capability and performance.  And, we understand the value we bring to the marketplace allowing our clients more time to focus on their core business while we handle their freight needs.  We act as your transportation provider, tracking loads proactively so we know where trucks really are, helping drivers when trucks break down, recovering loads when trucks are delayed, and finding equipment and options for you in tight markets.

With numerous weekly and twice weekly routes throughout Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Idaho, Future Logistics has a unique ability to offer very low cost LTL options. This also allows for faster than usual LTL delivery times more on par with FTL. Future Logistics lowers your costs by consolidating shipments, improving transportation routes and methods, and connecting all the components of your supply chain into one efficient model. At the end of the day, you cut transportation costs by making fewer, better-planned shipments, while improving your company’s operation. Using our warehousing, consolidation and cross docking services allows you avoid the capital tie up of renting or owning space. With your capital freed up by outsourcing your logistics you gain the ability to react quickly to changing markets.

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