Our Core Values:


proactively share information internally and externally to keep the supply chain free of roadblocks so our partners can thrive


the unique value of individuals and their needs in a spirit of cooperation and support

Customer Focused

complete customer satisfaction


fiscal management that assures our future by providing value to our customers balanced with responsible growth and profitability


with our customers, each other, our print partners and our vendors

Our Story

Growing up in a small, central Oregon town in an 18’ x 24’ family cabin, Mark Roan knew that he wanted to build something. At fifteen years old he started a construction company to earn the money for school. Unfortunately, a recession came and the economy crumbled. Knowing it was the right thing to do, he sold everything he owned in order to settle his debts. With scant remaining funds, his curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit and made his way to Portland, OR to start anew.

It was a winding road that ultimately led him to transportation. While learning the industry, he would carry a notebook and ask himself “If I had my own company, how could I do it better?” Time and time again he saw ways to better serve the customer, enhance vendor partnerships, and support the team that makes up an organization.

In 1992, Mark and a partner had $100, a cardboard box with a few office supplies (including years of his notes!), and a portable computer to build a program to manage their customers’ transportation more efficiently and with increased visibility. Future Logistics was born. Thanks to referrals from very satisfied customers and vendors, the company quickly grew.

In the last 30 years, Future Logistics has ridden the ups and downs. From being on the Portland Business Journal’s list of Fastest-Growing Companies twice, to battening down the hatches to survive economic downswings, and everything in between. All have led to opportunities to show that open communication, being customer-focused, having integrity, showing respect, and being mindful of the financial viability of all parties involved is the surest way forward. Staying true to those core values, Future Logistics has matured into the respected company it is today.

Let us show you today how we can improve your business operations!